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Is Semaglutide Effective for Weight Loss?

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Going through the weight loss journey can be tiring and complicated, especially when you do it repeatedly with little or no success. In America, obesity is one of the various diseases that medical personnel fight daily. Obesity can be a result of lifestyle, heredity, or other major illnesses.

Patients can control their weight with healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and semaglutide injections at a medical weight loss center. Experts believe that taking semaglutide for weight loss programs can produce even better results.

It has been shown to aid in weight loss, heart disease management, and diabetes treatment.

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide injections are a type of appetite suppressant used to help people lose weight. It works in the brain to mimic a glucagon-like peptide (a hormone produced naturally in the body) and reduce appetite and hunger in obese people. Its main function in the body is to ensure that the brain sends signals to the body and that such a person works full-time.

According to a study of 175 overweight patients, it reduces weight by 5.9% in 3 months and by 10.9% in 6 months. It’s a weight-loss injection that is most effective when used in conjunction with an exercise program, a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a medical weight-loss program. When you’re disciplined, it can help you burn fat faster.

The Food and Drug Administration conducted a four-phase trial to determine the benefits of semaglutide. Each stage emphasizes the advantages of it.

  • The first phase included people aged 18 and up who had diabetes and those who did not. The trial included people with a BMI of 30 or higher (30 or 30) if there were no existing weight conditions. And a BMI of 27 for weight loss under current conditions. 2.4 mg was given to patients with or without obesity during this phase.
  • People with type 2 diabetes and obesity make up the second phase. They were given 2.4 mg of semaglutide, as prescribed by the FDA.
  • The third phase involved obese adults. They were given 2.4 mg as well as intensive behavioral therapy.
  • The final phase was to assess the efficacy of it as administered in phases one through three. This reveals that in total, 14.9% of the initial body weight was lost, whereas adults without diabetes lost about 15.3 kg.

Top 7 Benefits of Semaglutide

Weight reduction is essential for everyone, as losing weight improves the body’s general health. Weight loss helps to control the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, fatty liver disease, and any other health-related issues.

Its benefits give to the body can’t be overemphasized.

1. Reduced Body Weight

It aids in the reduction of an obese person’s overall body mass index. In addition, it accomplishes this by signaling to the brain that you are full. It also aids in living a healthy, disease-free life, as losing weight equates to living a healthier lifestyle.

2. Removes Excessive Fats

Excessive fats, including abdominal fat, pile up to make someone obese. Semaglutide helps correct all these fats with continued use.

3. Suppressed Appetite

It reduces excess fat and helps with weight loss by suppressing the rate at which you eat.

4. Reduced Blood Sugar Effect

Semaglutide doesn’t reduce or react to low blood sugar; rather, it boosts and regulates it. This, in turn, results in an improvement in the way the body works.

5. Reduced Ailments and Diseases

Semaglutide reduces ailments in the body through weight-loss exercise. Excess weight reduction reduces the rate of diseases that will stay in your body.

6. Improved General Body Fitness

This improves general body fitness and composition by reducing general and abdominal fat. Reduced fat makes you feel light enough to do tasks and improves the way your body works generally.

7. Reduced Blood Pressure

These are weekly injections that reduce the rate of blood pressure and therefore help regulate the well-being of your heart.

The Side Effects of Semaglutide

As with every drug and injection, it has its side effects. Although the effects are relative to the individual body system. The symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation

When you take it once a week on a regular basis, the side effects fade over time, but if they do not, you should consult your doctor. Some people may overreact as a result of an impending illness. Diseases of the gallbladder or pancreas can cause overreaction. However, if combined with other diabetes medications, this type of weight loss medication can cause low blood sugar.

When you experience low blood sugar symptoms like sweating, blurry vision, shaking, hunger, and dizziness, it’s time to up your glucose intake. Without glucose, you can increase your sugar level by eating sugar-related foods such as honey, soda, sugar, or candy. Contact your doctor if you continue to experience other side effects while taking semaglutide.

We Can Help You Through Your Weight Loss Journey

You shouldn’t start a weight loss journey without the help of a professional weight loss doctor. It is not just about skipping meals and eating more vegetables. Even though they are also considered necessary, injectables such as semaglutide will speed up the process.

Our weight loss clinic offers aesthetic and plastic surgery services. Galiderm was created with the intention of assisting you in achieving your desired face, body, and shape. Our services range from face lifting and rejuvenation to contouring and fat removal, depending on your goals.

At Galiderm Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, we assist you in achieving the desired weight loss that you will be proud of.

We offer a free consultation. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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