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How PDO Threads Boost Collagen Production

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Have you ever had some sort of panic feeling hearing the word aging? Hearing about sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles will make you feel like you don’t want to go through this inevitable change. 

One main issue that comes with aging is the loss of facial fat, particularly below the eye, around the cheeks, neck and jowls. This condition comes in tandem with the skin’s decreasing elastic fibers, causing it to lose firmness. If you feel like the signs of aging are hitting you right now, don’t panic! There’s an advanced FDA-approved therapy called PDO thread lift that can help.

It is the greatest non-surgical facelift alternative and has effectively treated various skin problems. The PDO thread lift is a popular treatment for sagging skin, especially for those who hate bloody surgeries that can cost a lot and need more recovery time.

PDO Thread as Collagen Booster

Mono PDO threads are used to make your skin tighter and thicker. They are not the same as the barbed PDO threads which use long barbed threads to lift the tissue, but they can still help with fine lines and wrinkles by boosting natural collagen formation.

The threads establish a support structure for your face and encourage collagen production, creating a skin tightening effect for 6 to 12 months. They promote natural collagen formation, and the body will eventually absorb the threads.

​​Why Choose PDO Threads?

Here are some of the reasons why you have to consider PDO threads as an anti-aging treatment:

  • The threads are introduced in a mesh-like pattern into the subdermal layer, activating collagen synthesis and producing a progressive thickening, tightening and rejuvenating effect 
  • They are non-invasive and can be used more than once
  • PDO threads are fully resorbable and help your skin produce and build up new collagen
  • They’re ideal for restoring a more youthful appearance
  • The treatment is faster than you thought and less complicated than other treatments

Importance of Collagen

PDO threads stimulate better collagen production, and you have to understand why collagen is very important.

  • Produces collagen-binding growth factors. Collagen aids in the activation of growth factors that greatly influence skin quality. These growth factors are the components that arrive at wound sites to start the natural healing process. Collagen helps keep the skin firm, robust, and full, in addition to its inherent healing properties.
  • Reduce skin sagging. The body’s ability to make more collagen declines as it ages, decreasing skin thickness. New wrinkles, fine lines, and creases will appear when the skin’s thickness and volume decrease. As natural gravity pulls it downhill, it will lose its ability to benefit the underlying tissues adequately. Moisturizing the skin and providing appropriate skincare will aid in the reduction of sagging.
  • Rejuvenates. PDO thread lift provides immediate and progressive face tissue rejuvenation. Individuals who get a thread lift to increase collagen production may see a gradual improvement in the firmness and texture of their skin. PDO threads go beneath the skin and support the body’s natural healing process in repairing the sutured areas.
  • Seemless. When the body senses a foreign object inserted into the skin, it has a natural organic response. Because the threads used in a PDO thread lift are so few, the patient will not feel the process at all. The minor irritation will diminish as the skin heals over the next few days.

It’s about time that you experience the benefits of PDO threads. Grab your phone, give us a call at 561-336-0994 and look your best!

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